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Articles - Miscellaneous

The 'split into pages for easier reading' links are the default if you click on the title of the article. The article gets nicely formatted and split up into pages for easier reading. The 'all on one page' link is meant for if you want to print out an article for future reference, as it's not the nicest-looking page ever :)

SetPixel - Setting a Pixel Color - by Matt Huggins
This tutorial will teach you how to set the pixel color at a point on an object such as a Form, PictureBox, or any other object that contains a DC.
[ split into pages for easier reading ]

Converting Long Color Values to RGB - by Brian Clark
This tutorial will show you how to convert the long color values that API functions return back into their respective RGB values. NOTE: This will NOT work with directx color values.
[ split into pages for easier reading ]

Introduction to BitBlt - by Matt Huggins
Learning to draw graphics in Visual Basic? Then this is a good start for you! An introduction to BitBlt.
[ split into pages for easier reading ]

GetPixel - Retreiving a Pixel Color - by Matt Huggins
This tutorial will teach you how to retreive the pixel color from a point on a Form, PictureBox, or some other object containing a DC.
[ split into pages for easier reading ]