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Files - 'Helper' Libraries and Utilities

DirectGraphics (dx8) Enumeration - by Cameron Gorrie (Sastraxi)
 - [ author's homepage ]
This DLL makes it easy to enumerate available display modes, the best 3D adapter on the system, and the name of any given adapter. This is very useful if you have more than 1 card on your system, it gives very detailed results on the specs (which can be accessed by the developer in a later version). Right now this is in Beta 0.0.6, but I am planning on releasing 0.1 very soon now. You must have the DirectX 8 for VB library refrenced in order to use this DLL.

DirectDraw7 Screenshot Class - by Brian Clark
 - [ author's homepage ]
This is a class that I made to make taking screenshots and saving them to bitmap VERY simple. It only requires one call to make a screenshot of any surface in your Application. Please write me if you have any questions.

GUID Generator - by kiri
GUID (Generally Unique IDentifier) string generator utility
this page is really bad!!!
i cannot upload my app!!!!!

Message Panel DLL - by Jim Perry
This DLL provides all the functionality for including multiline messages in your DirectX application. This can be used for things like chat boxes, status messages, etc. Read the enclosed document for an explanation of the object and how to implement it. The is currently a beta release (although it appears fairly stable in my limited testing, with only one known non-crash bug), and further releases will provide as much functionality as is needed or desired. I would appreciate any feedback.
[ ]

Key2Ascii - by Dave Rowley
 - [ author's homepage ]
Gets the Ascii value from the key pressed.
[ Key2Ascii.Exe ]

dxRGB - by Brian Clark
 - [ author's homepage ]
Edit 9/28: Found some major bugs, please do not download until futher updates. Thanks A c++ dll that can be used in visual basic to convert rgb values to their 16bit values for use with DirecDraw colorkeys. It is very easy to use, and you do not have to register it in windows. Thanks
[ ]

Generic RPG DLL - by Jim Perry
A fairly full featured collection of classes that may be used in any type of RPG (although it's meant for fantasy RPGs). The following classes are contained in the DLL: Armor, Character, Inventory Item, Item, Map, Race, Script, Skill, Spell, Sprite, Stat, Tile, Weapon. The following collections are also included: Armors, Inventory, Scripts, Skills, Spells, Stats, Tiles, Weapons. A readme file is included explaining some of the properties and methods of the classes. Feel free to contact me with any questions, features you'd like to see added, or bugs you encounter.
[ RPG ]

Scripting Engine - by Matt Huggins
 - [ author's homepage ]
This is my first scripting engine I've ever written. Though it's not fully optimized, it gets the job done! It's not very well commented and doesn't include a readme file or anything, but it does have some sample scripts to run if you'd like to give it a try. Hope this helps some of you out there who need a good start on a scripting engine!
[ ]

Biohazrd - by Peter Kuchnio
 - [ author's homepage ]
BioHazrd is a nice module of VB functions to help you with graphics using DirectX 7 in VB. It's got some preliminary alphablending code as well.
[ ]

CDXVB7 SDK - by Glib
This is a very cool, open source set of vb classes to ease the use of DirectX 7 in VB. It sets everything up really nicely. Check this one out if all the initialization and stuff gets a little confusing!
[ ]

Isometric Rotator - by Adam Hoult
 - [ author's homepage ]
This is a handly little utility for those of you developing isometric tile games. It will take normal square tiles and rotate them into isometric perspective for you automatically!
[ ]

Image Engine - by Adam Hoult
 - [ author's homepage ]
adam has really outdone himself on this one! it allows you to use jepg, 8 and 24-bit pcx, tiff (not working correctly yet though), gif, lbm/bbm, psd, 8 and 24-bit bmp, and 24-bit tga files using native vb code! it also supports various image effects, such as rotate 90 degrees, mosaic, resize, flip, and mirror! this is currently a 'beta test' version, but is very functional, and very fast!
[ ]

vbDABL 0.20 - by David Goodlad
 - [ author's homepage ]
vbDABL: visual basic DirectX Alpha Blending Library. This simple DLL is written in highly optimized assembly language to allow for extremely fast alpha blending without the need for graphics hardware to do it for you. It does, however require the client to have MMX support in their CPU (Most newer Pentiums - 200MhZ and up, and all the PII and PIIIs, along with their 3rd party equivalents have support for MMX).
[ ]