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Files - Effect Samples

24-bit Alpha Blending Example - by Paul Pagel
A nice little project demonstrating two ways to create overylayed pictures in 24-bit color (Win32 API, not DirectX).
[ ]

Fade-In - by Paul Pagel
This does a cool fade-in effect on any hDC (which can be used on a DirectDraw surface as well by using the .GetDC() method). Useful for title screens, credits, and more!
[ ]

VB Credits - by Unknown!
Shows how to create the scrolling credits effect, like at the end of a movie.
[ ]

Parallax Scrolling Demo - by Carl Warwick
 - [ author's homepage ]
A nice demo of how to implement simple parallax scrolling in your game (where you have multiple 'layers' and each scrolls at an independant rate giving the illusion of perspective). This technique is mainly used in side-scrollers, but can also be applied to things like a cloud or fog layer on a top-down game.
[ ]

D3D for 2D - by Carl Warwick
 - [ author's homepage ]
An awesome example program demostrating the use of direct3d immediate mode for 2d rendering. This is perfect for adding support for such things as lighting effects and alpha blending which aren't supported in DirectDraw. It is also great for an isometric perspective engine; you don't have to worry about drawing all of your tiles in isometric perspective: they are simply rendered that way! The only downfall is that without a 3d accelerator card, it can become quite slow. But, if you don't mind this restriction, this is a must-see!
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