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Files - Miscellaneous

Project X Online - by Jonathan Valentin
 - [ author's homepage ]
This is the source code to Project X Online even though the game is not complete yet i will continue to update the files here! The game provides an excellent tile engine and map system that saves monster's and npc's You can add as many monster's as you want and the game has support for as many maps as you want. I have put about 40 items and weapons in the game. There is alot here so check it out!!!!! Jonathan Valentin
[ /tmp/phpSlssPr ]

RPG Tutorial - by Jim "Machaira" Perry
First in a series of tutorials that are designed to produce a Diablo type RPG. Zip file contains source code and tutorial document. Further tutorials will come as fast as my time allows me to produce them! Eventually a full isometric RPG will be created. This first tutorial is designed for those comfortable with VB classes, but is easy enough for a beginning VBer to understand I believe. Future tutorials will require some DirectX knowledge. Please e-mail me with things you'd like to see covered in future tutorials. This will not be an RPG with a huge number of features, but if enough people want to see something I'll do my best to include it.
[ ]

Free Graphics - by cuzzle
A collection of free graphics. A lot of RPG graphics, some are attempts, some are finished graphics. Most graphics were made with Ms-Paint, pixel by pixel.
[ ]

Changing Resolution - by Machaira
Shows how to obtain every resolution/color depth possible for your system and how to change to a selected resolution/color depth.
[ ]

Playing MP3 files in VB - by Rw Bivins
 - [ author's homepage ]
Sample on how to play MP3 files in VB using ActiveMovie
[ ]

Window Object Class and DirectDraw Implementation - by Jim Perry
A very basic and incomplete sample of a class to create and manage window object for full screen things like dialogs, intro screens, buttons, text boxes, etc. Some DirectDraw code is included showing the basics of how to go about implementing the class. Feel free to post any comments or questions.
[ ]

Nullsoft InstallPimp - by Nullsoft, Inc.
 - [ author's homepage ]
This is the installation software used in later versions of the famous MP3 player, WinAMP. It has been released completely open-source and freeware, and it's a great piece of software for your own custom setup programs (ie: your game installation!).
[ nullsoftinstallsw.exe ]

Mapstuff module (ANCIENT!) - by David Goodlad
 - [ author's homepage ]
This absolutely ancient piece of code was written when I first started the Black Hole back in '95 or '96. It's just fun to look back at! :)
[ MapStuff.bas ]

DirectX 3/5/6 Type Libraries - by Patrice Scribe
 - [ author's homepage ]
These tlb files allow you to access the old DirectX versions from Visual Basic. The file contains an updated DirectX 6 type library that should be used instead of the one in the main the also contains win32.tlb, which allows you to use Win32 API functions, constants, etc, without having to "Declare" them in VB first.
[ ]
[ ]

Simple Game Scripting - Part 3 Source Code - by David Goodlad
 - [ author's homepage ]
The source code that corresponds to the third part of my series of articles on game scripting languages. If you download this, I strongly advise that you read the articles as well, which are, obviously, in the articles section of this site :)
[ ]