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Links - VB Gaming

shadowlink studios - webmaster:
A page with games and some tutorlias.
[ ]

Shadowlink studios - webmaster:
A page with games and some tutorials!
[ ]

JohnInd. Freeware - webmaster: John Sedlak
A site with VB tutorials, games and programs for free.
[ ]

Justplain Studios - webmaster: Courtney Lunstrum
A VB Gaming company that develops MMORPGs and Strategy Games, also has a small art and VB programming tutorial section.
[ ]

Iridium Studios Web Site - webmaster: Chad Ruvalcaba (W-Buffer)
Program games with Creator SDK, use 2d Sprites, 3D Geometry, Play Mp3, etc.
[ ]

Nuke Ware - webmaster: Chris Kline
The official Nuke Ware website. We specialize in bringing you the absolute best games, tutorials, links, and more! Don't delay, check us out today!
[ ]

Directx 4 VB - webmaster: Jack Hoxley
With over 60 tutorials and 25 theory pieces, DirectX4VB caters for the DirectX newbie and the master.... Now includes a full game tutorial, hardware list, DirectX dictionary and a forum...
[ ]

Ancient Code - webmaster: Voodoo4
The site contains tutorials and articles about game development with VB. Currently there are 9 DirectX tutorials but my plans include more than 30. It is also the place to check my current project IsoEdit,which is a 2D Isometric Tile Editor.
[ ]

Ryan's Gaming Website - webmaster: Ryan O'Connor
This is a cool site where you can download many decent games including ones using DX7!
[ ]

Unlimited Realities - webmaster: David Brebner
This is an awesome site with tons of VB game programming-related tutorials. Complete game projects and how to make them (incl. source of course!), special effects, and more! Definately check this site out.
[ ]

Freeride Designs - webmaster: Carl Warwick
All the latest news and downloads of our games. Plus a newsboard where you can post *Your* latest gaming news (no registration needed).
[ ]

VoodooVB - webmaster: Peter Kuchnio
VoodooVB is one of the 'hubs' of the vbgaming community, with many DirectX tutorials and a very active message board.
[ ]

Lucky's VB Gaming Site - webmaster: Lucky
This excellent site has *tons* of awesome tutorials/articles, with topics ranging from game physics to AI to simple DirectDraw techniques! Definately one to bookmark!
[ ]

VB Gaming Central - webmaster: David Goodlad
*THE* VB Gaming news site. This is where it all happens, so it's somewhere that you should visit now, and visit often. Period.
[ ]